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How do you study vocabulary now? How do you know which words you need to study and which words are already yours forever? is a system for focussing your studies, so even if you only spend 10 minutes a day studying you will always be focussing on what you need to study, not what you already know.

Make those 10 minutes really count! Enter the words you want to learn and will email you when it's time to study them. Do your studying in your down time, on your commute—keep chipping away and watch the number of words you truly know go up each week.

Today we have Japanese and Arabic speakers learning English and French, and English speakers learning Japanese and Icelandic. What language will you study with us?

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"It's so addictive, I'm using it every day, it feels great because now the system knows if I've forgotten a word and helps me to remember it."

Tomoe M.